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Judgment Recovery

For all of your Judgment Recovery Needs. We use all legal means at our disposal to help enforce your court-ordered judgment. Click below for more details.

Process Service

Service of Process is a crucial component in the Judgment Recovery business that cannot be understated. Proper Service of Process can make all the difference. Click below for more details.

Skip Tracing

Where is your debtor? Finding the exact location of your subject determines many judgment enforcement procedures. We have access to the very best databases. Click below for more details.

How Judgment Recovery Works


It’s a fairly straight-forward process. You legally assign your court-ordered judgment to us and we take it from there. There are no more costs to you, and we file the necessary paperwork to proceed with collection. It’s usually a 50-50 split.


Once the judgment is assigned to us, we begin the process of finding the debtor’s assets. Without assets, there is no collection. We look for property ownership, a fairly reliable job, bank accounts and much more. This can take a few months.

Legal Action

Once we find the debtor’s assets, we then file the necessary paperwork with the court for enforcement of your judgment. This may include a writ of execution, wage garnishments, memorandum of costs and other legal documents.


Once the court-ordered judgment has been paid in full, including interest, we then file a “Satisfaction of Judgment” with the court. We then distribute the money received according to the percentage agreed on with the original judgment creditor.

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